Fun Places to Visit about Jamaica

These links to places on the Web tell you a little bit more about Jamaica. Some of them are commercial sites. By putting commercial sites on my page, I do not imply endorsement of them, recommendations for their use, nor do I advocate their point of view. They just struck me as interesting places to visit if you are surfing.

If you would like to visit Jamaica to see the places where your ancestors lived here is a welcome from Visit Jamaica. Also what you should know before you go. Then there is a History of the Island from the Jamaican Information Services point of view.

There are many places and resorts to stay at and some of them advertise on the net, but they do not especially cater to family history seekers but rather to sun and fun seekers. Such a page is called Sandals Jamaica. Also Jamaican Hotels. One way to stay in the island a little more cheaply, if you have no relatives there, is to join in with another family and rent a villa.

Sometimes there have been birdtours organized to the Island, however the current link is not listing any.There are however reports of previous tours. The icon used on this page is a Jamaican Tody.

A site which describes Travel in Jamaica as well as recipes and music is Jamaica Travel and Culture

If you would like to get married in Jamaica and confound your great-greatgrandchildren as to where this marriage took place, then here is the information you need to do it.

Or do you prefer to know more about Jamaica's Athletes and National Heroes

Then there is the most enduring Newspaper - The Gleaner which has been in publication since 1834.

Maybe you would like to buy " a lickle someting" to eat or drink. Well you don't have to go to Jamaica to do that. After all that information about Jamaican coffee maybe you would like some real authentic Blue Mountain Coffee or from this site. From there you can travel to several other product items in Walkerswood or you can try this on-line store for clothes. Or there is a page for Jamaican Recipes, you can buy copies.

There is also a site which advertizes itself as the JaWEB Jamaica-JaWeb for Jamericans, Janadians and Jamaicans . It has a page for Old girls and Old boys of Jamaican High Schools to register their e-mail addresses to contact others.JaWeb

If you go surfing you will also find some sites on Jamaican Music - Reggae and Ska particularly. Since Geocities is no more, this page is now archived on Way Back Machine. Here is one on History of Jamaican Music History of Jamaican Music

Here is another site which links Jamaican sites. This site Jamaican Information Service has the music of the National Anthem, as well as a section on Miss Lou's (Louise Bennett)Archives

Some lovely Photographs of Jamaica by National Geographic can be seen at:National Geographic Traveller, 2008

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