Useful Genealogy Sources on the Web for Jamaican Genealogists

Family Historians are very active on the Web, so if you put in the word "Genealogy" into any search engine you will get over 38 million "hits". Some people collect sites on their pages. I have not set out to collect sites but these are some I have come across:


World GenWeb Jamaica Page

Dorothy Kew's Family Blog, Port Royal and Kingston

Trans Atlantic Slave Trade

Genealogy Resources on the Internet

Royal and Noble Genealogy on the Web

Description of the Roots Surname List

Roots Surname List Name Finder

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet.

Official United Kingdom Birth Marriage and Death certificates.

Foreign Born voters of California 1872


Uk + Ireland Genealogy

Society of Genealogy (London) Home Page (leads to Bookstore)

Jewish Gen

Public Record Office (London). Now known as The National Archives (TNA)

Institute of Heraldry and Genealogy

National Genealogical Society (United States)

Useful Sites

U.S Zip Codes from the U.S. Postal ServiceChoose Find Zip Codes

Switchboard Telephone Directories-US

International TelephonesTelephone Directories-International

Currency Conversion

Gazetteer of Place Names-UK

Antiquary Bookstores in New England

Genealogical Publishing Company

Heritage Books, Inc


Library of Congress (LOCIS)

University of Florida Library (One of the best collections, contemporary and historical, of West Indian Books and Journals). Choose to UF.

University of California MELVYL

University of Washington, Seattle

Yale Library

LDS (Latter-day Saints, Mormon) site. This site gives some information about the church, family history and their centers. The direct on-line link to the Family History Library resources in Salt Lake City, Utah isThe Family search Page. A site with some pertinent LDS information, but not official or unofficial site of the Family History Library at Salt Lake is Cyndi's List of Genealogical Sites on the Internet-LDS

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