Orchids found in Jamaica

During the Great Depression, my grandfather, Henry Queensborough Levy (H.Q.) was out of work and he turned to painting water colours of Jamaican Orchids and fruits and vegetables. After his death in 1957, the collection was donated to the Institute of Jamaica (National Library) except for some reserved to the family. This arrangement is made from those held by the family. While all the orchids were grown in Jamaica very few of those shown here are endemic Jamaican species (only Oncidium pulchellum). Most are from Southeast Asia and Sobralia xantholenca comes from Central America

Vanda teres

Vanda coerulescens

Dendrobium crumenatum

Coelogene pandurata

Dendrobium findlayanum

Oncidium pulcheleum

Sobralia xantholenca

Aeridovanda MundyiI, Aerides vandarum x Vanda teres

Cattleya Enidson (C. Enid x C. harrisoniana)

Dendrobium nobile var. virginale

Dendrobium formosum var. giganteum

Dendrobium Louis Bleriot Den. schroederianum x Den. superbiens

Cattleya Dowiana

Cattleya Skinner, var. Alba

Cattleya Ben Nevis

Dendrobium Pierardii

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